San Francisco Map

Is this your first time visiting the city and the surrounding Bay Area? It can become quite confusing to first time visitors, so be sure to check out our map below when planning your trip. Not only can you use it to navigate around the city, but also to map out your quest around the greater Bay Area such as the East Bay, San Jose, Marin, and Sonoma. We hope you find our map to be useful!

Map of San Francisco
Map of the city of San Francisco

To get to San Francisco we recommend the following routes:

From Sacramento:
Take I-80 W toward SAN FRANCISCO
Follow I-80 onto the Bay Bridge (Partial toll road)
Take the exit onto US-101N toward Mision Street

FromSan Jose:
Take CA-87 North toward SAN FRANCISCO
Merge onto US-101 N toward SAN FRANCISCO

From Wine Country (Santa Rosa):
Merge onto US-101 S toward SAN FRANCISCO
Follow the Golden Gate Bridge into SAN FRANCISCO (Partial toll road)

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