San Francisco Organized Tours

Familiarize yourself with San Francisco by taking an organized tour. It's a great way to see some of the cities most historic areas and popular attractions. There are various types of walking tours, cruises around the Bay and even aerial tours - that tend to be on the expensive side. Some of the most well-known tours include Alcatraz, Napa & Sonoma Valley and the Muir Woods - home of the Redwood trees.

Alcatraz Tour > Alcatraz Tour
Known for its inescapable prison and ominous allure, Alcatraz is one of San Francisco's top attractions. Listen to an audio tour as you ride the ferry to and from Alcatraz, and experience the sounds and stories of the former federal penitentiary.
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San Francisco Wine Country Tour > Wine Country Tour
Napa & Sonoma Counties are among the finest wine growing regions in the world. The Wine Country Tour ventures across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Northern California's lush wineries. Sample wines, learn how they're made, and enjoy the incredible sights of Northern California's vineyards.
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Muir Woods Tour > Muir Woods Tour
Muir Woods is home to some of the most astonishing trees in the world - the Redwoods. Reaching heights of over 300 feet, these gargantuan arboreal splendors are quite a sight! As you leave San Francisco and pass over the Golden Gate Bridge, you will soon enter a tall and enchanting forest abundant with nature's delights. On the journey back you will pass through the scenic little town of Sausalito, where the sights are absolutely spectacular.
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