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The convenience of public transportation allows you to save on gas and avoid the hassles of circling around to find a parking spot. Although you can travel by bus or trolley, the cable cars are the most popular means of travel. These vintage "cars" have long been adored by visitors who venture up and down the steep rolling hills to view the sights and peer above the gathering fog.

Biking is also a great option. There are bike routes indicated throughout the city that direct you towards popular stopping points. Due to the close proximity of everything downtown, you can also walk and check out all the unique shops and houses along the way. The tremendously steep hills can be tiresome on the legs, so be certain to wear comfortable footwear.

Biking in San Francisco > Biking
Whether you go with a tour or go it alone biking in San Francisco is a lot of fun. You would think with it's rolling hills that Biking in San Francisco would be for professionals only, but there is a bike ride that everyone can do. There are trails from Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, through Golden Gate Park or along the Embarcadero along the waters edge. You can rent bikes at Fisherman's Wharf as well as other places throughout the city
San Francisco Cable Cars > Cable Cars
San Francisco has three cable car routes Powell-Mason, Powell-Hyde, and Powell-Hyde. You can board the Cable Car at the beginning or end of each route or any place where you find the brown and white Cable Car Stop Sign. Tickets for the Cable Cars can be purchased at turnarounds or from the conductor as you board. Passes are also available making it easier to hop on and off the cars.
San Francisco BART > Bay Area Rapid Transit
The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) rail system connects San Francisco to Oakland, Walnut Creek, Fremont, Berkeley among other East Bay cities. Within the city it snakes under Market Street mostly so you can go from the Embarcadero Montgomery Street, Powell Street, the Civic Center, the Mission District and San Francisco International Airport. It is quick too as the time it will take you to get from SFO to the Montgomery Street station is only half an hour. From the Oakland Airport to city center it is only about 15 minutes and you'll be traveling under the bay, but the overall time is about 45minutes because you need to take a bus from the airport to the station. It is fast, generally on time and a smart option for getting around this hilly city. View the map below to plan your trip.
Bay Area Rapid Transit Map

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